On Joy Road has been quiet of late. Why?

I’ve been too busy to write.

It’s hard to write when you are “down in the dumps”.

How can I write about finding joy when I haven’t found any myself lately?

Let’s call a spade a spade! The statements above are just excuses!

I simply haven’t wanted to write.

The weather has been gray. Even the birds out on the ol’ homestead have been silent. I have just been…sad.

Our oldest child, Matt, has a new job that requires him to move to a city several hours away. At first I was so sad that I cried every time I thought about the move. I could not even talk about the new job, packing for the move, our grand baby growing up without us being right there or…well, anything! I don’t like to cry yet that is all I did for a solid week.

I finally pulled myself together and find that I am no longer paralyzed with the thought of Matthew and his family leaving. They will live only a few hours away.

Goodness! Matthew gets to train for a job that he has wanted his entire life! They are living near his wife’s family so, if they need anything, someone will be close by to help.  They will have family to visit and to love on them!  We will visit every month or so and we can FaceTime anytime!

God has been very good to Matthew and I trust that He will continue!

Joy restored!


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