Sunny Skies and A Birthday

Today is an easy one in which to find joy!

This morning, as I looked out of our dining room windows toward the backyard, I was struck by the contrasts that exist in the Texas Hill Country. Today, the sun is shining brightly on the oak trees and our now desolate garden. Our honeybees are out and about gathering pollen from the lavender that adorns one of our front beds and from the remaining flowers on the sage bushes. The high temperature this afternoon is expected to be 69 degrees, later in the week 81!! Just last week, the days were gray, the air crisp and the night temperatures were in the upper 20’s. I LOVE living here!

Most importantly, on this day thirty years ago, our son, Matthew, was born! I find it so hard to believe that it has been thirty years since God entrusted that little guy into our care. What was God thinking?

A gift from God to us
A precious little boy.
Hugs and kisses to treasure
Dimples and eyes sparkling with mischief.
Books and music
Dogs, bunnies, gerbils
Hamsters and hermit crabs.
Bicycles and roller skates.
Swimming pools and lakes.
Adventures in athletics,
Theater and martial arts.
First Car, late nights
College and work.
Marriage and a loving wife.
A little boy to call his own.
His hugs and kisses to cherish
With a dimple and eyes that sparkle with mischief.
His books to read and music to love.
Another gift from God!

We have had the most fun watching our precious son grow up to be a responsible, loving and kind man! We are blessed to be able to watch his family grow!

I guess God knew what He was doing all along!

Happy 30th birthday, Matthew! We love you more and more every day!


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Edited 10:45 p.m.

We had a fantastic evening of food, fun and family at Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse.  Steve and I enjoyed spending time with our kids, the grand babies and my mom! Both babies handled the noisy restaurant very well!

Happy birthday, Matthew!  Can’t wait to see you at your 60th birthday party.  I will be 85 and your dad 90!  Whoop!  It will be a great time!



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